Essential Mountain Bike Gear

If you’re going to ride a good mountain bike, you’re going to require the correct gear to run with it. Here is a decent list of both necessary and suggested items.


If you’re continuing to use clipless pedals, you’re going to require the correct shoes. Even if you are merely using holster pedals, or even just ordinary stage pedals, bike shoes can, in any case, be worn to give you a superior hold on the pedals, and also guide you while carrying the bike over individual pieces of the way.


Biking shorts and jeans are intended to give you most extreme breathability, while likewise being agreeable. These shorts and jeans both fit cozy against the body, so you don’t get them captured in the drivetrain, or on tree appendages, brush, and whatever else may come your way on the trail.


This is the first gear item you can have. A helmet is impossible, paying little respect to what style of biking you are doing. Never ride without one.

Search for a helmet that feels good on your head, and fits cozily and safely. Higher-end helmets will be exceptionally light and offer the most extreme ventilation to keep your head dry and fresh.


Biking gloves are a different item that can be viewed as fundamental. These gloves make riding progressively agreeable, yet they likewise improve your hold and give some additional padding on your palms for stun ingestion. Also, if your hands are inclined to blisters, gloves can be your best prevention.

Knee Pads

Knee pads are discretionary, however very prescribed if you are doing any downhill mountain biking, or riding anyplace that has treacherous terrain that may prompt some severe accidents.

Hydration Framework

Water bottles that join to a water bottle confine on your casing are the least expensive alternative, however they by and large don’t convey enough water for a long-distance ride.

If you’re planning on making any trips that are over 2 hours in length you should invest in a hydration pack (for example a little pack that goes on your back and has a water bladder and hose). We cherish Osprey Packs – they’re probably the best assembled and highlight rich packs available.

Handheld Pump and Cylinder

Get a pump that can switch among Presta and Schrader valves, and is little enough to fit in a hydration pack however sufficiently huge to not require 1500 pumps to top off a cylinder. Convey somewhere around one spare bottle with you on each ride (ensure you get the correct size cylinder!). A pump and tire can spare you a long stroll back to the trailhead.

Defensive Glasses

Get a few glasses with clear focal points (rather than sunglasses, which are not suggested if you’re riding in the woods). They’ll possibly spare you from being blinded by a stick in the eye. An essential model will set you back $20, or if you need to spend too much, get some with removable focal points in different hues for different lighting conditions.